SIEM and Log Management

Security Intelligence Services

What happens in your network and applications? That is what you need to know to control it and to show that you are in control. The information must be usable: not too much, not too little and presented clearly – preferably visually. And if something strange is happening, you want to get notified straightaway.

Kahuna’s Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) platform is the ‘control and monitoring tool’ par excellence for real-time security and compliance management.

The Kahuna advantage: years of knowledge
More than ten years ago, Kahuna was the pioneer in the field of SIEM in the Netherlands. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with regards to SIEMs possibilities and limitations. Kahuna’s SIEM platform has been built based on this knowledge supplemented by best practices and innovations from the best partners.

Customised visualisation
Kahuna’s experienced security professionals program specific correlations and visualise these in insightful reports.

Reusable templates
Many reputable organisations use Kahuna’s SIEM solution. As a result, we have an extensive templates database. We customised them for specific Use Cases. These can serve as inspiration for your situation. When you become a client, we will be happy to provide you with these templates.

Thanks to this service, you do not have to invest in a SIEM solution, instead you supply log data to one of our Security Operations Centres for further analysis and reporting.


  • Complete and real-time overview of your IT environment
  • User-friendly and transparent Kahuna Security & Compliancy dashboard
  • Benelux SIEM knowledge centre
  • Tailormade analyses and correlations
  • Easy compliance reporting


Is your (SIEM) logmanagement on order? Let us do a baseline assessment!

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