Next-Generation Firewalls


Firewalls remain the cornerstone of cybersecurity. They are installed and then do their work in silence. Often for years on end. In the meantime, the world and threat assessments are changing rapidly. Traditional firewalls simply cannot keep up. Such firewalls still work on the traditional principles of IP address and port security. But users, applications and malware evade these principles. Next-Gen firewalls overcome this by also looking at traffic and the behaviour of users and applications. By linking IP addresses to the Active Directory, you can immediately see which user is doing what.

More than just firewalling
The new generation of firewalls also serves as a replacement for firewall support solutions. Think of IPS/IDS, Proxy, IPsec/SSL-VPN, Content Scanning Engines, Malware Detection Engines and URL Blockers. Security solutions for Instant Messaging or VoIP can also be replaced, as can the solutions you have in place for bandwidth management.

The consolidation of such functionalities at Palo Alto results in enormous cost savings because all kinds of devices and systems can be shut down.

Kahuna’s added value: better security through consolidation, simplification, improvement and cost reductions.


  • Major cost savings through the consolidation of separate security functionalities and equipment
  • Including the user-friendly and transparent Kahuna Security & Compliancy dashboard
  • 24/7 preventive management and rapid response from Kahuna’s Security Operations Centres, our ISO-27001-certified digital security control rooms in Amersfoort and Valencia


Firewall: test your internet security Application Visibility with a Scan

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