Network Behavior


The corporate network forms a ramp to your business-critical applications and data. The network traffic and behaviour of connected systems and users provide a wealth of information. About benign, but also about malicious use. It is important to monitor the network properly to prevent damage and to stop attacks.
Kahuna ensures that you will know whether your network is secure or the target of cybercriminals. You will also discover whether you are compliant with your own information security guidelines. You will gain insights into the effectiveness of your IT security measures; maybe there are threats that are currently not detected by your existing security solutions. We also help you analyse what has happened, what the impact is on your client data, for example, and how damage can be limited after a successful attack. After all, damage to your reputation caused by cyberfraud can at the very least be limited by quickly, correctly and completely outlining what happened and what the scope and time span were. Failure to adequately answer these types of questions may also cause major financial damage considering notification of data security breaches is mandatory under GDPR.
Kahuna gives you real-time insight into what happens in your network


  • 24/7 inzicht
  • Gebruiksvriendelijke rapportages
  • Snelle, adequate actie bij aanvallen
  • Compliance

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