Endpoint Security


The generic term ‘Endpoint’ for servers, workstations, laptops, smartphones, printers, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and such is a poorly-chosen term. In 99% of all cases, endpoints are usually the starting point for all kinds of cyberthreats. Good security therefore begins with Endpoint Security.

What makes Endpoint Security difficult is the – often literally – long lines of command between security officers and system administrators. When the digital security control centre detects that an endpoint has been compromised, action must be taken quickly. In practice however, a lot of time goes by before a system administrator picks up and handles the call. Especially when IT Management is outsourced.
Kahuna has adopted a radically different approach to Endpoint Security: combine real-time monitoring with system management and Big Data Analytics. We provide multiple solutions from threat hunting to antimalware on several types of devices and from mobile’s thin and fat clients to servers.

Better IT infrastructure
An additional big advantage of this approach is that each endpoint provides insight into the system’s overall health: installed versions and patches, configuration settings, etc. System administrators can increase the quality of the entire infrastructure based on this information, which increases operational reliability.

Kahuna’s added value: endpoint protection, detection and action


  • Military Grade Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV), real-time monitoring
  • Starting point for improving the performance of your complete IT infrastructure
  • Full Legal Trails - forensic investigations after incidents no longer necessary
  • 24/7 preventive management and rapid response from Kahuna’s Security Operations Centres, our ISO-27001-certified digital security control rooms in Amersfoort and Valencia, in case of attacks


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