Tailormade encryption

Encryption is the first line of defence against unauthorised use data. If encrypted information ends up in the public domain, the damage is limited when encryption keys are safe.

Encryption is complex. Not just technically, but also practically. It begs the question, which crown jewels need to be encrypted? And who needs to access them? Which policies apply to certificate and key management? How do you ensure consistent adherence to the encryption policy? What do you do with external partners who also have to work with the encrypted data?

Kahuna provides advice and support for setting up, implementing and managing enterprise encryption. From email, databases, files and clouds to devices.

Kahuna’s tailormade encryption helps you being legally compliant


  • Enterprise Encryption
  • Aligning the encryption with your information policy
  • Proven experience
  • The best technologies and solutions for encryption as well as certificate and key management


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