Kahuna Dark Web Monitoring

Looking at the underworld

Cybercriminals are just people. They share tips and tricks, trade information and tools, brag and work together. But they do it in secret. The so-called Dark Web, that part of the Internet no ordinary person would think to go, is their daily environment. The Dark Web is a mirror image of the normal Internet, including market places, chat rooms, collaboration sites and web shops.
By looking at what is happening there, you can see what risk of attack a company is under. Are the IP addresses of the company being shared? Are the email addresses of the top management being passed around? Are the firewall configurations or the IT blueprints in circulation? A simple online search based on a couple of keywords gives – often shocking – insights. Insights that allow you to take defensive measures or that can be used for awareness campaigns among staff.
Threat hunting, the search for threats, requires fieldwork. Have people actively infiltrate hacker communities in countries that are notorious for this to find out what is going on and help disrupt potential attacks.
Kahuna helps you keep a finger on the pulse with regards to risks and threats from the Dark Web. The insights lead to reinforcement and improvement of your security policy.

You will think differently about security once you know what is known about you in the crevices of the Internet.


  • Active Threat Hunting
  • Insights into your exposure on the Dark Web and the genuine threats arising from it
  • Extra dimension in Vulnerability Management
  • People in the field to disrupt criminal activities


Would you like to know more about your threats on the Dark Web? Please contact us for a Proof of Concept!

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