Authentication Tokens


Authentication tokens have been used for many years to improve secure access to applications, systems and devices. Tokens come in various shapes and sizes, as a device or as a (mobile) application. The choice of platform and the level of security depend on the applications and data that need to be protected. The right choice, can save costs. The there is good token management, which is a completely different kettle of fish. People lose them or forget their credentials. Outsourcing their management to a specialised partner is therefore a safer option.

Kahuna was the first organisation in the world to offer hosted tokens. We know how to effectively organise, roll out and internationally manage enterprise token authentication.
Also note, commodities as tokens require comprehensive policies and efficient management


  • The best price/performance ratio for licenses and management
  • Proven quality in approach and management
  • The best balance between security and ease of use


In need of a Token Technology Refresh? Please contact us for the best solutions for the best price!

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