Tailormade DDoS protection

One of the biggest blights on our digital society is large-scale attacks on websites and business systems: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks. Setting up such attacks is – sometimes literally – child’s play. The damage can nevertheless mount up, especially if a successful e-commerce site is the victim. A recent development is the creation of DDoS attacks that target small and medium enterprises to, for example, make life difficult for a competitor. These attacks are no longer about well-known sites that attract many viewers.

Fortunately, there are good solutions and services available to prevent and stop DDoS attacks should they occur.

Kahuna’s added value: flexible and tailormade
We way we set up the service depends on your risk profile and your requirements: always protected or fast response when you are under attack.

DDoS attacks come in all shapes and sizes. Every attack requires a tailormade approach. Much can be automated, but much more is done by people. Dozens of security specialists work 24 hours a day at our Security Operations Centres (SOCs) to monitor what happens with our clients’ data and to prevent, direct and defeat DDoS attacks.


  • In-depth knowledge of DDoS attack methods
  • Adding value to the deployed Protection Services platforms
  • Tailormade services: proactive or reactive
  • 24/7 preventive management and rapid response from Kahuna’s SOCs, the digital security control rooms in Amersfoort and Valencia, in DDoS attacks

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