Kahuna SOC


Maintaining your cybersecurity is a non-stop process. In our two international Kahuna Security Operations Centres (SOCs), the digital security control rooms in Amersfoort and Valencia, our security engineers are ready to act when necessary 24/7.

Advanced technology allows for automated monitoring of what is happening in your network and infrastructure. Abnormalities in your systems’ and users’ behaviour are identified and reported: someone repeatedly attempts to log into an application they have no access rights to; a connection is made from an unknown IP address in Russia; someone who is on a business trip to Japan is trying to enter the secure car park in Amsterdam. Such incidents are highlighted in meticulous detail. Self-learning systems determine what is going on and whether human intervention is necessary.

Security Engineers take appropriate measures and advise on the prevention of the identified incidents. Kahuna’s SOCs are ISO 27001 certified.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Prevention and direct action
  • The best engineers

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