Security Officer-as-a-Service


How do you translate an Information Security (IS) policy into technological solutions and vice versa?That is a challenge for every organisation!

Kahuna’s Security-Officer-as-a-Service ensures that the technology is set up in line with your IS policy. The Security-Officer-as-a-Service brings structure and intelligence to your security policy. He or she is categorically not used to simply ‘mind the store’. The added value lies in improving your defences, in helping to interpret all available information from your systems and the outside world, and in improving your compliance.

These are the tasks of your Kahuna Security Officer:


  • Aligning IS policies with compliance (at C-Level)
  • Setting up Security Management as part of Corporate Governance
  • Relating security investments to the company’s results
  • Prioritising budget choices


  • Translating technical security information (log files, configuration management) into policy and vice versa
  • Aligning IS policies with compliance (with middle management and risk managers)
  • Reviewing IT security infrastructure or network design
  • Setting up Security Management (People, Process, Technology) based on international standards
  • Decision-making on awareness campaigns
  • Performing security assessments


  • Handling and analysing security incidents
  • Explaining the obtained technical security information
  • Implementing awareness campaigns (operational, tactical and strategical)
  • Actively and preventively protecting your organisation

The Security Officer brings structure and intelligence to your security policy
Kahuna has a team of experienced Security Officers in the field to assist you in improving your security policy and compliance.


  • Experienced specialists
  • Hands-on approach
  • Bottom-up approach
  • Practical insights
  • Clear and useful reports
  • Factually substantiating risk management policies

You want your security better? Get in touch to let you relieve!

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