Managed Security


Every day enterprises face major challenges in managing their cybersecurity risks. The number and diversity of the types of threats, the complex laws and the interrelationship of information make cybersecurity a specialty. Understanding the organisational impact requires knowledge, expertise and capacity. No small task!

We have the solution for you. Let Kahuna’s specialists control your organisation’s cybersecurity risks and experience the added value of our Managed Security Services.

Kahuna’s Managed Security Services are not just about purchasing technology, but about purchasing a service. You do not have to worry about the technology or the equipment. We ensure that proven state-of-the-art technology is always used effectively. Kahuna takes care of the installation, management and maintenance of the solution provided for your location. The hardware remains our property, so we have already made the investment for you.

Our core values: more insight, customised solutions, clear agreements
Use our extensive management and support services in the structure and format that best suit your business processes and strategic goals. You benefit from the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, as well as our effective applications and practices for managing your cybersecurity risks. We offer a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLAs); you choose the SLA that suits your business.

Choose Kahuna and experience the expertise and experience of our passionate security specialists. Our solutions are monitored 24/7 from our ISO 27001 certified Security Operations Centres (SOCs) based in Amersfoort and Valencia.


  • Effective tailormade information security
  • Agreed solutions
  • Progressive proven technology
  • Fixed amount per month
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • ISO 27001 certified SOCs based in Amersfoort and Valencia
  • SLA of your choice

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