Your organisation must meet ever more demands from more and more parties. Legislators, regulators, trade organisations, clients and your own management want to see that your organisation is in control of its information security.

Fortunately, there is good technology available to solve the compliance issue efficiently and effectively, regardless of the guidelines your organisation must comply with. And there are quite a few, depending on your sector and type of business. Think of ISO 27001, PCI-DDS, GDPR and BIG/BIR/BIWA.

This technology does much more than just collect the information you can use to prove you are in control. Continuous monitoring of your IT systems reveals where you are vulnerable and what measures you need to take to increase your cybersecurity and to maintain this level. Apart from compliance, this goes well beyond an annual audit.

Remember: compliance is not the main goal, but the cornerstone of an ongoing process to improve the quality and safety of your IT systems.

Kahuna is the most experienced supplier of SIEM security monitoring and compliance in the Benelux. We map your business requirements and the maturity of your organisation and base our choice of tools on that. Based on Best Practices we ensure the optimal, most efficient solution for your compliance issue.

SIEM is the only answer to security compliance issues
Kahuna has built up extensive knowledge and experience with the SIEM platforms over the years and knows how to use them in relation to compliance issues.


  • Efficiency in compliance
  • Compliance and security
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Clear and useful reports
  • The Security Compliance knowledge centre in the Benelux
  • The best tools in the hands of the best people

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