Good security starts with awareness!

The human factor is one of the biggest causes of system break-ins and data leakage.

Usually employees are oblivious of any security issues they may cause or they underestimate the risks of their behaviour. Moreover, they are stubborn and laidback. “Surely it won’t come to that” and “There is nothing of value to be had here anyway,” you have no doubt heard these statements.

And when you point out the risks of their behaviour, they will not acknowledge them. Or they do follow protocol for a while but quickly fall into old habits.

There is a gap between knowing and doing. How do you close the gap? The good news is that this issue is not specifically related to information security. It happens wherever people work together and must adhere to company policy.

There are good approaches, remedies and tools available to strengthen, enforce and safeguard security awareness. Simulations, serious gaming, (online) training… they contribute to the success of your staff’s sustainable awareness. Because every organisation’s business, risk profile and workforce composition is different, a tailormade approach is necessary. This calls for support from experienced specialists.


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