ArcSight Logger - Administration and Operations

During the ArcSight Logger+ Administration and Operations training you will learn the essentials of the ArcSight Logger solution, both hardware and software. In addition, you will receive information about how you can design a complete solution. This five-day ILT training covers the basic features of the ArcSight Logger solution as well as the more advanced features. This course, in addition to Logger experience, prepares you for the Logger certification exam. This exam takes place on the last day of the course and is a hands-on exam, focused on performance.

This course is intended for:

System administrators or operators who work with Logger software or Logger Appliance. To be able to attend this training, we recommended you have completed:

ArcSight ESM Security Analyst (AESA) training

And have knowledge of:

  • Standard security device functionalities, such as IDS/IPS, Network and Host-based firewalls, etc.
  • Standard network device functionalities, such as routers, switches, hubs, etc.
  • TCP/IP functionalities, such as CIDR blocks, subnets, addressing, communications, etc.
  • Windows operating system tasks, such as installations, services, sharing, navigation, etc.
  • Possible attack activities, such as scans, man-in-the-middle, sniffing, DoS, DDoS, etc and possible abnormal activities such as worms, Trojans, viruses, etc.
  • SIEM terminology, such as threat, vulnerability, risk, asset, exposure, safeguards, etc.
  • Security responsibilities, such as confidentiality, integrity and availability

Duration: 5 days


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