ArcSight ESM Advanced Administrator - ASE

This training provides you with techniques to proactively analyse and solve problems with the ESM CORR-Engine database and ArcSight ESM Manager. This allows you to provide efficient services to your organisation.

During the training you will learn how to design and roll out hierarchical, fault-tolerant manager implementations. You will also learn how to integrate the ArcSight ESM with other ArcSight appliances such as Logger, Connector Appliance and the ArcSight Management Center products.

This training is intended for system administrators who:

  • Install, administer, maintain and troubleshoot ArcSight ESM components;
  • Integrate and implement integrations between ArcSight ESM and other ArcSight appliances; and
  • Proactively investigate the ‘health’ of the ArcSight ESM CORRE environment.

To be able to attend this training, we recommended you have completed:

ArcSight ESM Administrator and Analyst training

And have knowledge of:

  • Standard security, such as IDS and firewalls
  • Standard network device functionalities, such as routers, switches, hubs, etc.
  • TCP/IP functionalities, such as CIDR blocks, subnets, addressing, communications, etc.
  • Basic Windows operating system tasks and functions
  • Possible attack activities, such as scans, man-in-the-middle, sniffing, DoS, DDoS, etc and possible abnormal activities such as worms, Trojans, viruses, etc.
  • 6 months of experience in managing ArcSight ESM

Duration: 5 days

As an ArcSight Certified Training Partner in the Benelux, Kahuna employs several certified trainers who regularly provide this training. The training can be provided in both Dutch and English.


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