ArcSight ESM Administrator and Analyst

ArcSight ESM Administrator and Analyst training is a hands-on, four-day course that explores the capabilities of the Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). Trainees use the ArcSight Console, ArcSight Command Center and ArcSight Web user interface to monitor security events, configure the ESM and manage the users’ and ESM network intelligence resources.

With the help of ArcSight ESM workflow, participants can isolate, document, escalate and solve security events. This course allows you to adapt standard ArcSight ESM content to the situation, so you can collect, search and correlate usable event data.

You will also learn how to carry out corrective actions such as incident analysis, reporting to stakeholders and reporting on the security conditions within your network environment.

The ArcSight ESM Security Analyst training is primarily intended for operators/analysts who:

  • use the ArcSight ESM Console for monitoring security incidents and reporting on them;
  • generate or use standard content to make correlations between security incidents, make them transparent and respond to them; and
  • design, implement and maintain the ArcSight network model to carefully generate content that makes security incidents visible and to report on them.

To be able to attend this training, the following basic knowledge is required:

  • Computer desktop and network browser skills
  • TCP/IP networking, file system and database concepts
  • Enterprise security, event and log management experience is an advantage

Duration: 4 days

As an ArcSight Certified Training Partner in the Benelux, Kahuna employs several certified trainers who regularly provide this training. The training can be provided in both Dutch and English.


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