Contemporary companies need security solutions that adapt to the threat picture and to changing business requirements. It simply monitors of traditional security events is not enough. Security officers have wider understanding that can be obtained from big data-sources from IT, the business and the cloud.
Splunk Enterprise retrieves valuable Operational Intelligence from the monitoring and analysis of consumer-click behavior, network activity of customers and machine-generated data. Splunk offers a complete range of powerful search and visualization capabilities and pre-packaged content.
Splunk collects and indexes log-and machine data from various sources. The platform provides powerful and easy-to-use search, analysis and visualization functionality. Splunk offers specific apps for security and IT operations according to the principle ‘ Detect, Respond, Prevent ‘.
The fight against external attacks, malicious insiders and fraud requires constant protection, compliance monitoring, prompt response to incidents and the possibility of known, unknown and to discover advanced threats and react to them. By providing valuable context and Visual insights help the security solutions of Splunk when making faster and smarter decisions.