Palo Alto

Kahuna is the Palo Alto Networks specialist in the Benelux. We have in-depth knowledge and an efficient management approach. Palo Alto is renowned for its Next-Gen Firewalling. Both the design and technical architecture of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Firewall contain innovations that address the shortcomings of the current generation of firewalls, such as:
App IDTM: instead of application identification via port numbers, the firewall recognises applications based on their content and characteristic behaviour.
User IDTM: in the Next-Gen Firewall, everything revolves around user-generated traffic. By linking IP addresses to the Active Directory, you can immediately see which user is doing what.
Single-Pass Parallel Processing: the innovative construction of the platform ensures that scanning is barely delayed, even if all functionalities are in use.
Not to mention, Palo Alto Networks’ platform goes beyond firewalling. It can serve as a replacement for ‘firewall support’ solutions. Think IPS/IDS, Proxy, IPsec/SSL-VPN, Content Scanning Engines, Malware Detection Engines and URL Blockers. Instant Messaging and VoIP security solutions can also be replaced by Palo Alto, as can QoS devices like Packeteer. Consolidating such functionalities with Palo Alto saves our clients enormous costs because they can get rid of all kinds of devices and systems.