Cybersecurity requires real-time collaboration and an adequately configured response. EclecticIQ helps us ease the workload of our engineers by automating as much as possible. Moreover, the platform provides extensive security intelligence, mostly from public or commercial sources and from the systems used for prevention, detection and response. The data is normalised, enriched and consolidated into practical information that Threat Analysts and Security Operators can handle easily. EclecticIQ supports the OASIS STIX and TAXII standards for the exchange and interpretation of intelligence.
Our employees can make this information immediately available to other parties such as Security Operations Centres or Incident Response Teams. This is necessary because sharing information with other parties or networks is becoming increasingly important. In some cases, governments even demand it, via the National Detection Network for example. The information can also be added in real-time to your IT security, such as your Firewall, IDS, IPS or SIEM, to respond directly to current threats.