Cybereason, the American EDR specialist who uses cybersecurity specialists trained by the Israeli army, provides a platform for monitoring, analysing and reporting endpoint events: registry mutations, DLL calls, etc. This real-time data is uploaded to a Big Data Lake for analysis and distilling into usable information.
Hunting Engine
Cybereason’s speciality lies in its sensors using endpoints to operate in user space. They therefore have no influence on system performance and do not give rise to stack conflict risks in contrast to other concepts with kernel agents. The sensors provide a complete insight into all endpoint activities. Moreover, the platform offers ready-made methods, templates and tools for neutralising threats. The Cybereason Hunting Engine uses Artificial Intelligence to track down attacks and report them to Kahuna’s Digital Monitoring Centre for further action. Cybereason integrates perfectly with other security intelligence systems used for protection, detection and action, such as SIEM, antimalware and firewalls.
Direct action
The Cybereason platform enriches Kahuna’s arsenal of security intelligence tools significantly. The service’s added value is that, in addition to the extensive information, it also has built-in methodologies and tools that tackle attacks and incidents immediately. This takes place 24/7 at our Security Operations Centres, where dozens of security specialists constantly monitor what happens to our clients and prevent and neutralise security attacks.