About Kahuna


Cyberthreats pose an increasing risk for companies and governments. Simply proving on paper that your data security is in place will change to ‘show us that you are in control’. Traditional information security will shift more and more from prevention to detection. With the in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Security & Compliance, Kahuna’s specialists will be able to make a valuable contribution to the safe management of critical IT infrastructures and business processes of our clients.


Allowing organisations to have control over their business-critical assets without it negatively affecting their availability. That is what Kahuna’s specialists aim for. We pragmatically support our clients in fulfilling their security and compliance needs. We anticipate trends and developments in the market, which we translate into solutions for our clients. Kahuna strives for long-term and reliable relationships with both our clients and our employees.


To help organisations design, implement and maintain an effective security policy, Kahuna works exclusively with reputable suppliers such as ArcSight, Palo Alto, Trend Micro, Safenet, Cyber-Ark, Tripwire, Qualys and iSIGHT Partners. Our consultants then add their expertise, resulting in a total package that is tailored to the (sector-)specific wishes and requirements of our clients. Innovative and efficient solutions thoughtfully created to help our clients fulfil their security needs.

Interested in a fundamental conversation about your cyber security? Please contact us for the best approach!

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