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The translation of your business needs into our SOC Services

Kahuna, as an experienced Managed Security Service Provider, has set herself the goal to understand the digital security needs of organizations and to help them realize and verify those. Kahuna sees it as a privilege to contribute this way to the stated ambitions of organizations and help them achieve their goals.

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Benefits of the Kahuna SOC Services:

  • Sounding board on three levels: strategic, operational and tactical;
  • Advice and action at all levels, from boardroom to system management;
  • Clear transparent rates and paying according to usage;
  • Budgets tailored to the risk profile per organizational unit;
  • Able to respond quickly to changing risks and threats;
  • More than 20 years of demonstrable experience with security monitoring;
  • International, multilingual and ISO27001 certified organization;
  • 2 ISO 27001 certified SOC's, in Northern and Southern Europe
  • The best solutions from our strategic suppliers brought together in a ‘tailor made’ security approach based on the Kahuna SOC Services.

The immense growing dependence on the Internet and digital systems impact the organization in different ways. The continuity of business processes and viability of business goals are more vulnerable.

On a board level, it is asked of you to take policy decisions and keep control over all IT related processes. For the automation- and computerization-department, it is necessary to guarantee the security and availability of Information, and the continuity of business processes.

It is more important than ever that the board level and the IT department learn to speak in the same language.

Due to much knowledge and experience regarding the possibilities, but also the limits, of security tooling and Managed Security Services, Kahuna has developed a unique approach.

Transparency, flexibility, trust and a continuous collaboration together with the customer, are at the heart of our services.

The Kahuna SOC Service Menu has been developed specifically to offer fast and insightful services to the customer. The Menu has been designed with standardized Detection Controls and will make the translation of your business needs to the Kahuna SOC and SIEM platform.

This way, we can offer ‘custom-made’ services with a wide range of ‘pay-as-you-grow’ standardized Detection Controls. These controls monitor specific business processes to your choice.

You determine yourself what is relevant for your business and for which department.

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We Help Hospitals! 

We Help Hospitals! By joining this great initiative, Kahuna contributes free of charge by offering help to all health care institutions in the Netherlands that need immediate #cybersecurity assistance. Cyber experts in The Netherlands find it unbelievable that criminals are abusing the situation to attack healthcare institutions and healthcare providers digitally, while the Dutch healthcare sector is working so intensively to ...
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Cybereason announces its newest customer G-Star Raw

Cybereason, creators of the leading Cyber Defense Platform, today announced that G-Star Raw is the company's newest customer. G-Star Raw is one of the world's largest global denim companies. Cybereason worked jointly with its partner Kahuna Network Solutions, one of the leading IT infrastructure providers on this newest customer contract. "With the installation of Cybereason's award-winning solution, G-Star Raw now has ...
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Kahuna wins the prestigious ‘partner of the year award’

On October 5th the graduation ceremony of the 'Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Informàtica de la Universitat Politècnica de València' took place. An important part of this particular evening is the award ceremony for the 'partner of the year'. Kahuna and the University work closely in educating students in the field of cyber security. with this cooperation they create employment in ...
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